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Jon R. Giraudo Interviewed by 25News on No Cash Bail in Illinois

Recently, Attorney Jon R. Giraudo was interviewed by 25News to talk about how the state of Illinois is the first in the nation to get rid of cash bail as a means of ensuring that defendants appear in court. Rather, judges will decide if suspects pose too much of a threat to society to be released as they await trial, based on the crimes they are accused of along with their criminal records.

Giraudo goes on to say, “In terms of being a defense attorney, this is a very good thing for us. This is a very good thing for our clients. If I was still a prosecutor, I would feel like this is a bit of a nightmare.” He explains that the state attorney’s office now has to present evidence to the judge that proves that a defendant poses a threat, and furthers, “You have to talk about the very specifics in their history, the very specifics about this offense, why it’s heinous, why it requires detention, why they would pose a threat to any individual. The heavy lifting is 100% falling on the State.”

To read the full article or watch the interview, simply click here.

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