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Providing quality representation in Criminal Law, Traffic, DUI, and Juvenile Cases.

Criminal Law




Whether you're facing a misdemeanor or felony criminal case, I will guide you through the entire process while ensuring your rights are preserved and you are prepared for the outcome.

Traffic stops affect everyone. Whether you received a speeding ticket, petty violation, or were caught driving without insurance or your license, I can help.

A DUI doesn't have to ruin life as you know it. I'll help you manage the process, learn your options, and work for the outcome that's right for you.

In cases of child abuse, neglect. or other issues, I can help. Give my office a call to learn your options and next steps.

Client Testimonials

"Jon Giraudo from Lonergan helped me every step of the way in getting my FOID card reinstated. The team was always professional and very responsive. If I ever needed their services again, I wouldn't hesitate to contact them."

- Donald


"Jon is extremely knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and displayed great understanding of my issue. He was able to guide me through the entire process leading to my reinstatement.

- Robert


"Jon represented me in traffic court and completely eased my anxiety! He worked quickly and efficiently, and his cost is more than reasonable as well. I would definitely recommend hiring him to represent you."

- Jade


Jon R. Giraudo graduated from the Southern Illinois University School of Law in December 2009. Upon graduating law school, Jon began working as an Assistant State's Attorney in Tazewell County, gaining experience with several types of criminal cases, including traffic, misdemeanor and felonies. Jon served as a supervisor to misdemeanor court in Tazewell County for a period during his tenure and was responsible for handling charging decisions as well as presenting cases to the Grand Jury. Jon Giraudo gained trial experience through conducting various motion hearings, bench trials and jury trials, including trials for murder. 

Need assistance with FOID card repeals? 

Visit the below site if you have lost your FOID due to:


  - Felony Convictions

  - Drug Convictions

  - Mental Health Treatment 

  - Domestic Related Incidents

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