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Can Social Media Be Used Against Me in an Illinois Criminal Trial?

Social media has changed how we communicate with loved ones, as we can now reach audiences worldwide. While this is a great tool, it can also have significant consequences for users. Unfortunately, many are unaware that what they post online can be used against them in several ways. As such, understanding the role that social media can have when facing criminal charges like a DUI, battery, or theft is critical. Keep reading to learn more about these issues and discover how a Peoria County criminal defense lawyer can assist you.

How Can Social Media Be Used Against Me?

Your online presence and profiles can significantly impact the outcome of your criminal trial, for good and bad. In some instances, it can aid in your defense by showing where you were when the crime you are accused of occurred, providing a solid alibi. However, it can also have devastating impacts.

If charged with a DUI, for example, law enforcement may look at your profiles to see if there is any evidence to aid their case. When looking at your posts, they may find a photo of you with alcohol in your hand posted mere minutes before you were pulled over by the police. This can be used as evidence to establish that you were drinking shortly before getting behind the wheel.

Similarly, if you are charged with theft and you make comments on your profiles alluding to how you’ve recently come into large amounts of money or upload a picture with the stolen property, this can also be submitted against you.

You should also understand that under no circumstances should you use social media to discuss your case. This includes sending messages, posting about your charges, or liking anything related to your case. Doing so can negatively impact your trial.

What Should I Do if I’m Facing Criminal Charges in Peoria?

If you are facing criminal charges and believe there is something incriminating on one of your social media profiles, it’s imperative to contact an attorney immediately. You should not delete the post, as this may warrant destruction of evidence, which can leave you with additional criminal charges. However, connecting with an experienced attorney can help you navigate these circumstances.

It’s crucial to understand that once you post something online, it can never truly go away. Even posts you deleted years ago can be uncovered by technology professionals. As such, you should always carefully consider what you are posting before you upload it.

At the Giraudo Law, we understand the complexities of these matters. That’s why our team is dedicated to doing everything possible to help you achieve a favorable outcome for your circumstances. Contact us today to learn how we will fight for you.

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