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FOID Appeal Questionnaire

Appealing a FOID Card denial or revocation may seem simple at first; however, this simplicity may be deceiving. Special attention must be paid to each element of the appeal, which requires specific and accurate information. Certain information can save both the client and the attorney a lot of time. Below, you will find a list of questions. While these questions may seem a little intrusive, the information allows me to prepare an individualized assessment and fee quote prior to our initial consult. The information allows me to be prepared so that I may give the best advice possible. Please provide the answers to the following questions in the Contact area below:

  • What is the offense that caused the revocation of your FOID
  • What year did it happen
  • What county was it in
  • What was your sentence for that offense (if any) and when did it terminate successfully
  • What type of other criminal offenses/arrests are on your record from the past other than the offense that revoked you? (This is relevant because depending on the relief sought, the burden is on us to prove you are no longer a danger to IL residents)
  • If the events that triggered your denial or revocation involved an Order of Protection, please describe the situation in detail

If no offense occurred, and Mental Health is at issue, please be as specific as possible regarding:

  • Would you be willing to sign a medical release
  • Events
  • Dates
  • Places
  • Treatment
  • Providers
  • Continued treatment, if any
  • Have you been hospitalized due to a mental condition? If so, was it voluntary or involuntary (dates and location of commitment)
  • Due to your mental condition, were you diagnosed as being a threat to yourself or others
  • Did you, or do you, have any protective orders entered against you (Orders of Protection, No Stalking, etc.)
  • Why do you believe the issue is resolved/why it is safe for you to possess a firearm
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