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What Should I Do If I’m Placed Under Arrest in Peoria?

Being accused of a crime can be an incredibly overwhelming experience, but it can turn traumatic when you are officially placed under arrest. Unfortunately, not many people are sure what to do when they find themselves in this high-stress situation, making it likely they will make errors that hurt their case. As such, it’s necessary to keep reading the following blog and to connect with a Peoria County criminal defense lawyer to explore your legal options and learn how to proceed during these confusing and anxiety-inducing times to give you the best opportunity to receive a favorable outcome.

What Should I Know if I’m Placed Under Arrest by the Police?

When you are legally placed under arrest, it’s essential to understand your rights.

Under the United States Constitution, you are afforded vital rights as a criminally accused individual. These rights include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Because anything you say can be held against you in court, remaining silent is essential to protecting yourself. Additionally, you have the right to have your attorney present while you are being questioned by investigators. If you cannot afford an attorney, the courts will appoint one to ensure you have legal representation.

What Should I Avoid?

When you are placed under arrest, it’s imperative to invoke your rights, especially to remain silent. Unfortunately, many people are stressed and believe pleading or proving their innocence to the arresting officer will change the circumstances. However, you should not say anything to the police. If you do, you may accidentally say something incriminating or say something that can be twisted to make you look guilty.

Though it may seem obvious, you should not attempt to resist arrest or flee from the police. Doing so will only result in additional criminal charges against you.

You also should not consent to any searches. If the police ask to search your property, ask if they have a warrant to do so. If they claim they do, request to see a copy. Without a warrant, you do not legally have to consent to a search. If the police search your property without your consent, you may find that it is a violation of your constitutional rights, protecting you from unlawful search and seizure.

When Should I Call a Lawyer?

If you are placed under arrest, the importance of contacting an attorney as soon as possible cannot be stressed enough. Even though you are entitled to a public defender, connecting with an experienced criminal defense attorney is in your best interest as they have more resources and a smaller caseload. As such, they will be able to provide more attention to your case.

At Giraudo Law, we understand how scary being placed under arrest can be, which is why our dedicated legal team is committed to helping you. Connect with our firm today to learn how we can fight for your best interest.

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